Toolkit for Accountants

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It’s time to take back control of you business and your life – This is your opportunity with $4,500 worth of practice improvement tools for only $997.

Users of the tools and systems we provide are outstripping the rest of the accounting profession in performance. They are charging (on average) 35% less hours per partner, yet achieving 15% more utilization from their professional team, 30% more margin on the work completed, 15% better realization percentage and a massive 67% improvement in real cashflow.

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Ever wondered what your Accountants do all day? Ever wondered why the utilization (productivity) of Accountants is always around the mid 70 per cent – yet there is a lot of work to do? Ever wondered why it takes so long to get work completed and out the door?

If you have, then you are not alone. Your Accountants’ utilization (productivity) should be much higher! If they are only achieving 70 per cent (of chargeable time) of a standard week (40 hours) – then the hard question needs to be asked: “What do your Accountant’s do for the other two days per week?”

In the past four months we have asked 635 Accountants what they do on any given day. It was staggering to find out how little true Accounting work they actually do in any given day. A big part of the day was spent doing administration tasks – not Accounting tasks – and most of those tasks were not charged for. Accountants did not sign up to be Administrators, they signed up to be Accountants. They need to get more efficient and improve workflow. And now that’s easily achievable – simply order the ACCOUNTANTS SUCCESS TOOLKIT for your accountants now!


  1. Efficiency DVD Training and workbook – Valued @ $1,500
  2. Pricing Power DVD Training and workbook – Valued @ $1,500
  3. 18 Step workflow process DVD video – Valued @ $1,500

Have a look at this table and work out how much potential extra capacity you have in your business by re-arranging your workflow process and organisational structure.


They are staggering numbers! So can you fix this and get extra capacity? Yes, you can! Order the ACCOUNTANTS SUCCESS TOOLKIT and get the strategies to generate these numbers now.


More about the Efficiency DVD Training content:


This program will help you create more capacity within your existing team with the right strategies and systems in place. The DVD material covers topics such as how to get the right people in the right roles, structuring your business to support greater efficiency, how to get team buy-in so they are driving the process, using the right equipment to impact your bottom line, and getting the correct systems, policies and processes in place. Unique to this program are live case studies with high performing firms who have already implemented these very strategies and are now achieving results well above the average of profession.



OK Sounds great, but what about Pricing Power?


Pricing Power is a DVD recording based on high performing accounting businesses and what they have done to achieve success. Firstly, the common theme on how to improve margins, how to improve net firm billing rate (average hourly rate recovered) and realization results to be well over 100%. The net firm billing rate (average hourly rate), an output number not an input number, is coming through as more courage in charging for what jobs are really worth, billing, or letting clients know in advance how much it’s going to be, so to price up-front. And lastly, to be as efficient as possible.


Your net firm billing rate and your realization rate will dramatically improve when you do 3 things:

1. Price every job up-front based on value to the client
2. Have an hours budget on each job which bears no resemblance to the price
3. Drive the hours down and be as efficient as possible

Write downs will be a thing of the past and your margins will go through the roof!

Steve Moss, from Holden Moss in North Carolina USA, summed it up perfectly:

Rob’s process really rang a bell with me. He beautifully ties together disciplines that previously needed to be obtained from multiple sources. In the fall of 2011 I had matters arise which required additional time for my family – but it was tax season…. Argh! And then I remembered the concepts from Proactive Accountants Network. I looked for ways/projects/systems that I could implement which aimed at freeing my time, and team member time to take on the time I shifted down to them. I embarked on implementing a range of these strategies; creating capacity, focusing on A clients, value pricing, driving time down, hiring a part time Client Relationship manager, just to name a few. The results were staggering.

For me:

For the Team:

steve-moss-transparentFor our Clients:

For the Firm:

Rob’s process really rang a bell with me. He beautifully ties together disciplines that previously needed to be Within no time (during tax season!) I had made a turn for the better and more profitable. My business was running more efficiently, my team were managing workflow, my clients were happier and most importantly I got the time I wanted and needed to spend with my family.




  1. Shane Bartrim – Director

    This new content has opened my eyes to many things I have been doing wrong and has given me some great ideas to try and implement in client nurturing visits straight up.

  2. Alan Bliss – Partner

    Rob Nixon… Energy, enthusiasm with an absolute belief that we can do it, great opportunity to learn from the best!

  3. Arthur Kostarakis – Principal

    The training gave me a different view about how we position ourselves and our services. I was always trained to think that our services were of very little value. What a load of crap! I have changed my mind set completely.

  4. Aaron Weakley – Accountant

    Rob trains in a warm, friendly manner. He is able to get everyone involved. The content was exactly what I was after, and the outcome of the training will have a positive effect, and allow me to make better pricing decisions.

  5. Rob Hadded – Partner

    I liked Rob’s ability to take and answer any question at any time. This training challenged our views and thoughts. It will give you a new mind-set in relation to pricing and sales.

  6. Vivienne Wardrop – Business Manager

    This training provided very useful information that I can use to assist in the implementation process of value billing. The three main things that I got were: Real life examples were used to illustrate the point being made. This is so important as it reinforces the fact that the value billing system is a tried and tested system that works; Reiteration of key points that are required to successfully implement value billing: must have self belief, must create a client relationship through communication, and practice, practice and practice until you get it right; Much needed motivation to implement a system that I believe in (yes, Rob is preaching to the converted). As Business Manager I am in the process of implementing the new system without full buy in from all Partners – so I need all the motivation I can get!

  7. Jason Fagg – Risk Manager

    What I like most about it was being taken out of my comfort zone and being shown how easy it is to get your clients saying ‘yes’. Rob is confident and speaks from experience – it all ties in together at the end. It makes the complicated seem simple.

  8. Sue Dunne – Financial Planner

    This has challenged my beliefs and practices. I am hoping our team can now get its future plan for keeping ahead of the pack into place sooner. We need to maintain our position as an innovative and forward-thinking Financial Planning firm and this training will help us achieve that as well as increase our profitability.

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