Pricing Power

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Have you ever wondered why one Accounting firm is getting double (or sometimes more) the price for (seemingly) the same service compared with another firm?

Get the ultimate guide to pricing professional services!

To help you implement a different approach to pricing we have created an online program (complete with tools & templates) which will help you improve your margins.

Firms that have used this program and methods have achieved increases of between $30 and $150 to their hourly rate recovered.


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Pricing Power will guide you to educate your team and your clients on achieving much higher margins and more importantly, getting the right price for your services.

You will receive an electronic copy of tools such as:

  • Process of how you go about pricing jobs in advance including a template letter to move seamlessly from pricing in arrears to pricing upfront
  • Scripts on what to say when someone asks you ‘what do you charge per hour’; or ‘how much will it be’ and another script on what to say to a client that you have wanted to increase the price you charge them for some time.
  • Role-play questions to ask your existing or new clients – to uncover their needs
  • Value pricing job cards – discover the value before pricing the project
  • Template implementation plans for both compliance work and value based work
  • Articles and further reading material on how to get to the optimum price
  • The nine steps to follow to ensure your sales meetings are effective every time!


  1. Philosopgy of Pricing
  2. Why Pricing Up Front is the Only Way to go
  3. Introducing Pricing Up Front to your Clients
  4. How to Price Up Front
  5. Creating Capacity with Pricing – Driving Hours Down
  6. Value Pricing – What is it and Why is it Important
  7. Setting The Price – How to Know if the Price is Right
  8. Value Articulation
  9. Identifying Value Based Fees Projects
  10. Selling Value Based Fees Projects
  11. Putting it all in Writing – Sealing the Deal
  12. Sales Interview Roleplay

PLUS! Get the Menu of Services and Price List

Order today and you will also receive the ‘Menu of Services and Price List’
(valued at $990 on its own) absolutely FREE!Firms that have used it tell us that this tool alone contributes $20-$30in
average hourly rate improvement.Over 300 accounting firms in Australia & New Zealand contributed to the
Menu of Services with how much they sell each one for. Over 285 services
have been individually priced.You get it as a special bonus when you order Pricing Power: The Ultimate
Guide to Pricing Professional Services.


  1. Peter McKerrell – Macro Financial

    “My highlight is in articulating what the value of the project is to the client and how the outcome can help him.“

  2. Chris Reed Business Concepts Group

    “It re-enforced the direction we are heading and we have now made the decision to reduce our charge out rates for everyone in the practice to $1 per hour as from 1st July, all our work will be value priced up-front.”

  3. Craig Devlin – Devlin & Co

    “I have a large number of clients on fixed price agreements – I decided that I need to set up a master calendar and schedule all meetings over the next 12 months and advise the clients well in advance. Eliminate Scope Creep (sometimes an issue with the FPA’s) and Set up a KPI system using the recovered hourly rate model.”

  4. Stuart Turner – Vawdrey Axton Turner

    “The most valuable part of it for me was that it continued to reinforce to my partners the necessity of value pricing and us moving forward to implement it. Also finding a mark for points regarding barriers to doing it i.e. the clients actually appreciate it, but we feel reluctant to do for various reasons. In other words, we are the only barriers! Undervaluing ourselves and giving away IP were also reinforced. Thanks very much for the Pricing Power module.”

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