PANALITIX Accreditation Workshop

$ 497.00 excluding GST

Gain complete control over every aspect of your business and experience record levels of implementation

Presented by Colin Dunn you will experience a total immersion into the marketing, selling and delivering of Business Advisory Services. This workshop ultimately shows you how to make money from PANALITIX while delivering improved services to clients.

Formally, you will be provided with a Certificate of Accreditation and logo that you can use on your website and other material.

Informally, you will have all of the knowledge and tools to be able to upsell and deliver business advisory services to your clients including:

  • How to deliver a monitoring service
  • How to run a Profit Improvement Session
  • How to run a planning session

Note: PAW is a single item purchase, if you want to accredit your team members, please purchase individually. 

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Introduction and overview

  • What is happening in the accounting profession
  • Why accountants need to change
  • The importance of continual improvement in client service

Planning for business advisory services

  • Powerful conversations with clients
  • Small changes driving dramatic results

Different ways to use PANALITIX

  • Monitoring
  • Planning
  • Financial scenarios
  • Cash flow reporting

How to market business advisory services – internal

  • The opportunities in your existing client base
  • Creating a client service plan for your top clients
  • Your client case studies

How to market business advisory services – external

  • Positioning yourself as a business advisor
  • Key messaging to attract new clients.



All Partners, Client Managers, up and coming stars and any ‘Partners in waiting’ will benefit from this workshop.


After completing the 17 videos, you will take an online exam to get you accredited


Prior to taking the online workshop, please ensure that you are a subscriber to PANALITIX with a login to access the software. If you have not already become a subscriber to PANALITIX, book a demo here or sign up for a free trial.




  1. Phillip Efthimiou

    The PANALITIX accreditation is by far the most outstanding Professional Development I have completed in my 16 year accounting career.

    This is by far the leading edge software and coaching/mentoring in bridging the gap between compliance and business advisory.

    Thanks Colin for all the insights, strategies and confidence to now implement to all our clients and

    shape our workflow, client meetings and client relationships.

    I am now looking forward to 2015 and beyond.

    To anyone not yet using PANALITIX and the process of client engagement behind this, get involved, PANALITIX and the TEAM at PAN are the LEADERS in this space – Innovation and cutting edge! WOW


  2. Jacqueline Berriman

    The most valuable part of the workshop: How to use PANALITIX and look for opportunities. The initial meeting is great as you are leading/guiding the client to make their own decisions which they may not have been aware of. – Financial Synergy Group – Jacqueline Berriman

  3. Jennifer Lee

    The most valuable part of the workshop: Getting ideas for projects, costing and pricing and understanding how to slow processes down – breakdown and stretch out the services. Jennifer Lee – Lee Business & Accounting

  4. Mark Trimmer

    The whole workshop simply brought the uses and opportunities of PANALITIX to life! – Mark Trimmer – M D Trimmer

  5. Tom Atkinson

    The most valuable part of the workshop: the Implementation tools and plan to do it! – Tom Atkinson – Peer Wealth

  6. Bruno Zhingini

    This workshop has given me many ideas and the framework to confidently approach clients for business performance reviews – Bruno Zhingini – Westwoods BGA

  7. Katrina Scarborough

    Most Valuable Content: The how to hold a meeting component (8 steps) and role plays. – Katrina Scarborough, DC Accounting

  8. Sonya Lynch

    Structuring the language to run the meeting to meet the needs of the client. – Sonya Lynch – DC Accounting

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