KickStart Office Study Program

$ 497.00 excluding GST

“Build a better business, live a better life.”

A unique planning process that we undertake with you to develop the ultimate customised One Page Plan for your business.

The KickStart Office Study Program:

  • Covers in detail the One Page strategic plan specifically designed for an Accounting business
  • Centralises business values, vision, targets, KPIs, initiatives and action plans
  • Provides clarity and accountability by assigning individual KPIs and priorities
  • Provides direction on business strategies and goals for the entire team

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KickStart your business planning

If you want complete control over every aspect of your business then KickStart is an essential online course. Over the 3 past years we have developed and refined a One Page strategic business plan specific to Accounting businesses.

KickStart is a unique planning process that we undertake with you to develop a customised One Page Plan for your business. We have successfully undertaken this course with over 200 Accounting firms from around Australia and New Zealand, who are achieving amazing results using their One Page Plan. Leading Coaches in the industry, Rob Nixon & Colin Dunn will:

  • Take you through and complete an in-depth exercise of how to design the business you want.
  • Introduce you to the One Page Accounting Business Plan.
  • Undertake interactive sessions where you will work with your fellow decision makers and peers to define and articulate the values of your business.
  • Help you to unlock the future potential of your business with respect to:
    1. 3yr, 1yr, quarterly metrics
    2. Results driven projects and initiatives
    3. Individual KPI’s & responsibilities for all team members
  • Learn about the “stand-up huddle” that you can use and will save up to 10 hours a week in unnecessary sit down meetings.
  • Introduce you to the Accountants Strategy Map with 484 projects you can incorporate into your One Page Plan.
  • Show you how to introduce Themes and Celebrations to your business that will get your team energised and motivated to achieve the set goals on a quarterly basis.
  • Help you understand how to effectively keep your team accountable to the targets and initiatives you set.
  • Ensure you walk out of the workshop with:
    1. Completed One Page Plan unique to your business
    2. 90 Day Action Plan that you can implement right away
    3. The knowledge and content to educate your team and launch the plan into your business

Learning module / Agenda

  • The future of the Accounting Profession
  • Designing your business life your way
  • Creating a realistic growth plan
  • Designing the services you want to offer
  • Defining the culture you want to create
  • Defining your ideal clients
  • Creating your key purpose – you WHY
  • Solidifying your core values
  • Setting your Big Hairy Audacious Goals – 3 and 10 years
  • Writing your SWOT analysis
  • Networking Dinner – user pays
  • The relationship drivers
  • The productivity drivers
  • 3 year targets and key numbers
  • 3 year capabilities needed
  • Your brand promise
  • Your brand promise KPIs
  • 1 year targets, key numbers & key initiatives
  • Quarterly goals & key initiatives
  • Quarterly themes and celebrations
  • Getting the team engaged
  • Running effective meetings & creating a meeting rhythm
  • Creating a 90 day implementation plan
  • Putting the entire plan on paper onto a one page business plan



    We just completed the 2 day KickStart program. Being a new firm in the network, the session was a real Eye Opener. We all thought we knew our business very well – boy were we mistaken! The KickStart program should be very high on the agenda of all Accounting firms. Thanks for a fantastic couple of days.


    I would like to thank all the team involved in organising and presenting the session. It has been a most worthwhile event to attend. I now have clear direction and goals that we wish to achieve. I am arranging to introduce this to the rest of our team and to start implementing major changes ASAP. Thank you!


    Absolutely essential if you want a long and positive relationship between partners.

  4. JONATHAN ELLIOT, COLLINS SBA (verified owner)

    We will look back on this course as being the beginning of our business going to the next level.


    After our KickStart Training I set my personal BHAG [Big Hairy Audacious Goal] of $1,000,000 in new business in the next 12 months. Tonight I won $5,000 in new business over Facebook in 5 minutes. We’re off to a good start and I am totally shocked!

  6. Glenda Bryson, Bryson Consulting Services (verified owner)

    What a mind blowing training spent with the Kickstart Program. If one isn’t inspired from the training, then nothing will inspire them. I will “kick butt” or else.. that whip will come out.

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