Business Advisory Series

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A 13 week education series on honing
and developing your business
advisory knowledge.

Join Colin Dunn, Director and Co-founder of PANALITIX in a 90 day education series that will give you all of the guidance you need to move from compliance to reliance with your clients. A Chartered Accountant, Colin spent 10 years with a fast growing accounting firm in the United Kingdom, heading up a team that trained partners and managers in creating and delivering business advisory services to clients. He personally delivered planning sessions, monitoring services and profit improvement services to a range of business clients.

You will also receive:
– A more detailed article each week to accompany the video
– Unlimited access to Colin by email to answer your questions and provide guidance on client situations
– Colin will critique your first implementation plan for a client.

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A 13 week education series on honing and developing your business advisory knowledge.

The program consists of 13 videos, one a week from mid-January through mid-April.

The videos will cover in detail:
– How to add value to compliance work
– How to build a bridge from compliance to business advisory
– How to build your confidence levels so that you can offer new services with panache
– How to stay close to the numbers so that you are always in control
– How to master the language so that you get a predictable outcome
– The core stable of business advisory services that every firm should have
– The sort of client that is appropriate for business advisory
– How to push the delivery of business advisory down to the accountants and managers so that it is not partner dependent
– How to leverage technology to give you an edge
– How to price business advisory services
– How to create an implementation plan for business advisory services
– How to move from one project to the next with a client
– How to educate clients as to what you can do for them


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